Being continuously astounded by the fantastic projects abroad, I saw a need in South Africa for good quality and inspiring embellishments to use on furniture, décor, scrapbooking, etc.

To me the whole idea of these fabulous products are to enable you to do it yourself, which need not cost a fortune to transform any piece into a masterpiece – only some embellishments and creativity!

Our embellishments are so versatile that the design possibilities are endless. It will allow you to create your own “palette”, for your own style, to turn any old, unused furniture and items, into gorgeous refurbished, refinished vintage, and/or contemporary, work20s of art.  It is all about making a transition from the old to the new, showcasing a mixture of various mouldings allowing you to create antiqued, vintage, retro, boho, contemporary, chic, steam punk, modern and unusual furniture, décor items, or home furnishings.

Our embellishments are made from a top quality imported urethane resin.

Our embellishments imitate intricate, detailed wood carved pieces.

Our embellishments can be added to any object, transforming it into a masterpiece of intricate detail and perfection.

Our embellishments are paintable and all paint brands adhere perfectly to our embellishments and you can achieve various looks by applying a variety of textures and techniques.

Ordinary craft glue, cornice glue and a variety of other adhesives can be used to effortlessly apply the embellishments to your projects.

Our embellishments are easy to sand, alter or bend by applying heat from a hairdryer to it so that you are able to create your own desired pattern.

We have the largest (and the most affordable) selection of high quality, unique and versatile resin embellishments and we strive to continue to grow the collection to allow our clients creative freedom.

We are situated in Alberton, however, do deliver via courier and other delivery options country-wide.

Lead Time: Completion of orders within 5-10 Working Days.